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Get the best treatment for Permanent Laser Hair Removal for Facial hair like unwanted hair on chin, upper lip, cheeks or forehead in Delhi at Care Well Medi Hub at Chitranjan Park in South Delhi, under supervision of cosmetic surgeon.

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How it works

Diode hair removal treatment has become a number one treatment for permanently removing the unwanted facial hair that appears because of hormonal changes in women that may take place because of the side effects of medicines or other reasons. Women are more affected by the facial hair, they may lose confidence in themselves and try to hide away from people they love and care for. Thus, this treatment is a must for them to get back their lost confidence in themselves and get their happiness back.

The best thing about diode laser hair removal treatment is that it is safest amongst all the other laser treatment and is very effective one. It damages the hair follicles that are responsible for the hair growth at unwanted area, thus confirming that the hair is permanently removed. The treatment is fast and the patient can return to their work as soon as the treatment gets over. The glow on the skin will give them the confidence that was lacking earlier.

Diode hair removal is also considered best because after the treatment you will find that your skin has become smooth and naturally soft that cannot be achieved from any other type of hair removing treatment.

Sessions Required for Face (Whole Face)
4 to 6 sessions are required and if the hair are thick then 2 more sessions may be required

Sessions Required for Upper Lip
4 to 6 sessions are required

Sessions Required for Chin
4 to 6 sessions are required

Sessions Required for Cheeks
4 to 6 sessions are required

Sessions Required for Permanent Eyebrow Shaping
4 to 6 sessions are required

Sessions Required for Permanent Beard Shaping
4 to 6 sessions are required