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Care WellTM is offering the best treatment for Permanent Laser Hair Removal for Whole Body for both Men and Women in Delhi at Chitranjan Park in South Delhi, under supervision of a dermatologist. Best price guaranteed.

Full Body Laser Hair for Women

Why Females go for Full Body Laser Hair Removal and how it is more purposeful than undergoing laser treatment part by part?

New-age ladies want to revamp their image. Being all-rounder in every walk of life, they simply don't want to compromise with anything, be it their body. On the other hand, there's a renewed interest amongst modern women to look good, feel good and enjoy life freely. To achieve all such aspirations, they are now considering the need to get rid of unwanted hair from different parts of body. They are flawless and want their skin to be like them. With a never-give-up attitude, women are brave enough to face all battles that comes ahead in their life, however in a more pleasant way.

Wearing an attitude that speaks for themselves, a body language that's strong enough to stun other people, women of present day prefer simple solutions for all complex problems. It is by virtue of this nature, that today ladies love to opt for full body laser hair removal, instead of removing hairs part by part.

This however has an added advantage. One, it is more cost-efficient as the amount of money spend on individual body parts is more than the cost incurred for the body, as a whole. Two, it's for once and all. Full body laser hair removal means prolonged sessions, however fewer sessions in number as compared to removing hairs from individual body parts at a time. Hence, it saves time overall and is more convenient. Third, it has a comprehensive approach, which all the more makes it comfortable and flexible for the ladies. Fourth and the last, skin remains uniform for lifetime.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal: Pre-treatment Care

As it concerns the entire body, candidates must be extra careful in ensuring that:

  1. They don't expose any part of their body to UV light from minimum 7 days before undergoing the treatment
  2. They must refrain from using any cosmetic product on their skin at least 2 weeks before the treatment
  3. They should report to their practitioners regarding any regular medications to avoid interferences in the procedure
  4. They should only shave their entire body best before 24 hours of the treatment
  5. Their skin must not receive any waxing, threading or similar processes from 14 days before the treatment date
  6. They must not use any tanning products for their skin
  7. Body especially the face must be well cleansed before lying down for the treatment
  8. Moles and lesions that are present in excess amount in any portion must be first removed by the practitioner for ease for laser treatment.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal: Care during Treatment

While experiencing the laser treatment, ladies must make sure that:

  1. Their body is fit for the laser treatment. All the pre-treatment care conditions should be met.
  2. They don't move their body during the vibration as this will cause problems for the professional to perform the treatment flawlessly.
  3. They must lie down in their comfortable manner and in matters of any inconvenience they must immediately report to their laser professionals

Full Body Laser Hair Removal: Post-treatment Care

After the treatment comes to an end, women must:

  1. Ensure that none of their body parts is bearing rashes or having similar signs. If so, they must immediately bring it into the notice of the practitioner and get the necessary healing.
  2. If any maintenance product is given to the candidate, it must be used as advised by the practitioner.
  3. Candidates also need to turn up for additional maintenance sessions, if any required.

How many sessions are required for Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

On an average, 4 to 6 sessions are required to complete the entire treatment. The number however may vary in rare cases depending on the condition of the skin and the nature and type of hair follicles. Sessions can go up to 8.

Are maintenance sessions required for this treatment?

No. Maintenance sessions are not common for every woman. It actually depends on how their skin and the entire body respond to the treatment. Based on these parameters, extra sessions might or might not be required.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal for Men

Why are Men looking for Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

With more number of men emphasizing on professional grooming and personality development, full body laser hair removal is not just a fashion but a common practice among the men folk. Now, there are lots of reasons behind it. Young men want to look professional and therefore focus on ways to improve one's look and appeal. For the matured men, it's yet another way to revamp their image in their professional life and have a different outlook towards life altogether. Whatever be the reason, men in general have a renewed interest towards modern life, which is why they are now considering procedures like laser hair removal for removing body hair completely.

How many sessions are required for Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

On an average, men need 5-6 sessions for permanent full body hair removal through laser. However, the number often varies for those who need extra sessions due to certain conditions, unique in their case.

Are maintenance sessions required for this treatment?

In usual cases, maintenance sessions are not required. Few men are called for extra sessions as their skin conditions are different. If the practitioner feels that such sessions are mandatory and there are no other alternatives, only then they call the candidates for some additional sessions.

The advantages of full body hair removal using medical-grade 3-in-1 laser machine over other laser treatment are as follows:

  • This treatment method provides permanent results
  • Is painless and protects the skin as well
  • Quick treatment time
  • Treats every type of skin, including tanned skin too
  • 3-in-1 lasers are effective for both thick & thin hair

The treatment after completion provides you with beautiful, silky and soft skin that is healthy from inside. It saves you your valuable time and money you spend on monthly waxing. Overall, it is one of the best treatment that has been introduced to people looking for a cleaner & smooth look.