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Age brings with it wrinkles, and more wrinkles! Everybody's skin wrinkles as they get older, cosmetic treatments and products may delay or even blur them for a while, but prevention is key to minimizing them. Taking care of your skin before the process starts, wins half the battle, it is practically impossible to wind the clocks back, but it is completely possible to keep check on your everyday habits to minimize them.

You look yourself in the mirror and see pronounced fine lines and wrinkles, the worst nightmare for women! Unrealistic claims and overspending on treatments that don't work can actually add fuel to the fire. Thus, people need to find better ways to diminish wrinkles.

What are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are thin and slight folds within skin. When skin becomes dry or is excessively exposed to sunlight, it develops wrinkles. Wrinkles are a typical aging sign. They generally appear after 40s in men and 30s in women. Wrinkles can be spotted on different regions of the body such as neck, face, back of the hands and tops of forearms. There are mainly two categories of wrinkles: fine and surface lines and deep furrows. In most people, wrinkles are a sign of concern and there are various ways to get rid of unwanted skin folds.

Understanding Wrinkles

The epidermis of young healthy skin is smooth, and has good skin tone with no blemishes. Vital components that keep the skin firm, elastic, and hydrated are collagen, elastin & glycosaminoglycans. In healthy skin, all these constituents are abundant & provide vital nourishment for your skin. But, with intrinsic ageing, the production of all these constituents' decrease; as soon as people reach the age group of 20-25, these proteins levels start dropping at about 1% per year, with reduced functioning of the sweat glands that causes less elastin formation. All these factors make your skin susceptible to external damage like sun exposure, a reduced water barrier, etc.

Are women more prone to wrinkles than men?

Well, in some cases, yes! Professionals have come to believe that sebaceous glands and hair follicles play a vital role in the formation of wrinkles. The amount of the above mentioned glands is less in women, and more in men. Thus, the presence of greater numbers of sebaceous and sweat glands in men delivers greater resistance against external damage, keeps the skin smooth, hydrated & protects it from the harmful radiation of the sun. In addition, skin surrounding a woman's mouth receives lesser blood flow, as compared to men, creating nutrient deficiency and reduced oxygen supply.

What are the reasons behind wrinkles?

If you're concerned about your skin appearance, then you should start the prevention drive, right on! Or even see a dermatologist, to get recommended treatments with a personalized skin plan. Before getting into modern wrinkle treatments, knowing the causes behind them is more vital. Besides age, there are several other factors which influence wrinkles such as:

  • Type of Skin: People having light-colored skin and blue eyes are more prone to potential sun damage, which ultimately brings wrinkles in the long run.
  • Heredity: In various families, wrinkles are present across generations, which mean that it's there in the family blood and gene. Owing to heredity, certain families have a tendency to develop more wrinkles, than average.
  • Ageing: This is the most basal reason wherein your skin appears saggy & loose due to reduced levels of natural oils and proteins in your skin.
  • Extreme UV Exposure: Skin exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun can reduce the production of protein fibers and collagen that lie deep beneath the skin.
  • Smoking or tobacco ingestion: Smoking or tobacco can be the unhealthiest factor that accelerates the ageing process due to non-uniform blood flow in the body.
  • Sugar Cravings: Excess sugar craving in the form of desserts, chocolates, etc. can cause ‘glycation'; a process that creates harmful sugar molecules in the bloodstream that damages vital protein production viz. reduced collagen & elastin in the skin.
  • Sunscreen: Not wearing sunscreen can actually make your skin vulnerable to skin damage. People with lighter skin tone are more prone to skin damage than darker one's; but that does not mean people with dark skin tones are wrinkle free!
  • Poor Nutrition Intake: To maintain the integrity of your skin requires eating nutrient-rich foods like vegetable, fruits, fishes with oils, etc. Depriving your body of these foods can cause your skin to look older than your age.
  • Dehydration: Keep your body and skin hydrated regularly. Dehydrated skin can cause collagen molecules to dry up and crack forming wrinkles.
  • Stress: Keeping your stress levels extremely low can keep the body from releasing a hormone called cortisol, which can cause your skin to age faster.
  • Excessive Makeup: Excessive application and aggressive removal of makeup can cause blood vessel damage with diminished skin glow.
  • Computer Screens: Long hours in front of the computer can form wrinkles around the eyes. Taking a break twice in an hour can substantially reduce the formation of wrinkles.
  • Estrogen: The production of estrogen in the body decreases when women go through menopause; estrogen deficiency causes reduced collagen production in the skin.

Although all these factors cannot be completely eliminated, yet people can control their lifestyle and eating habits and stick to healthy means of life. By doing so, they can avoid internal complications within the body and can preventwrinkle formation on skin.

How can wrinkles be treated?

At present, there are various ways to fight wrinkle development and even remove them from skin. The most prevalent treatments are:

  • NEO PRP: Platelets are the cells in the blood that allows the skin tissue to heal and generate new cells. The Platelet Rich Plasma, injected into particular parts of the skin, act as a matrix that accelerates a patient's own collagen to grow, regenerates tissue, and thus performs as to naturally soften and firm the skin. In this way, Platelet Rich Plasma smoothes out wrinkles and develops feathery and glowing skin texture and tone.
  • Alpha-hydroxi acids: Also known as fruit acids, these include glycolic and lactic acid. The ingredients within the alpha-hydroxi acids are safe and cause mild irritation, which is temporary. There is however, subtle improvement in wrinkles.
  • Antioxidants: Antioxidants include Vitamin A, C, E and beta-carotenes. Products containing antioxidants might also provide sun-protection and bring slight improvement in wrinkles. However, people must apply sunscreen before going out.
  • Chemical Peels: Chemical peels give positive results to wrinkles, scars, acne and aging spots. These peels are available in varied types and strengths. In chemical peeling, a chemical solution is evenly applied to small targeted areas on hands, neck and face. Presence of chemicals in the solution cause damage to the outer skin layer (epidermis), however in a controlled manner. Soon after the process, damaged skin becomes red and finally peels off. With time, smoother skin underneath gradually heals and grows, which gives a bright and youthful look to the skin.
  • Deeper Peels: Such peels contain ingredients like trichloroacetic acid and salicylic acid and penetrates deep into the skin. The deep penetration helps in improving fine lines. However, deep penetration peels have more side effects; deeper the peel, more are the potential side-effects, scarring and changes in skin color, being some. These peels can also be uncomfortable and before opting for such methods, people must ask about the consequences.
  • Demabrasion: This method sands the skin. Based on skills, hands-on experience and professionalism of those who conduct this treatment, demabrasion can make a huge difference. However, this technique has side effects like scarring and changes in skin color, which can be permanent.
  • Wrinkle Fillers/Dermal Fillers: Hyaluronic acid fillers are best for plumping and lifting cheeks, lifting drooping hands and filling out thin lips. It is a fast and easy solution and prevents the risk of developing allergies. There are rare side-effects associated with wrinkle fillers like swelling, redness and bruising at the treated skin region. Fillers often show up under the skin, as tiny bumps. However, this problems improves with time. It may take anything between few months to two years for results to show up. It all depends on body's own capacity to produce collagen. Besides removing wrinkles, these fillers also reduce fine lines and wrinkle marks.
  • Glycolic acid peels: These are special chemical peels, which are often used in combination with salicylic acid, trichloroacetic acid, lactic acid and carbonic acid. It takes only 15 minutes for application. Although, there can be little irritation and redness, yet people return to normal course of life immediately. After undergoing chemical peeling, it's essential to apply sunscreen for protecting the vulnerable skin.
  • HIFU: High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) helps in tightening and rejuvenating skin. By means of ultrasound energy, the procedure influences collagen production in skin. It is a non-invasive technique, known for its safety and effectiveness. The ultrasound energy bypasses the targeted skin surface, at the right depth and temperature, without affecting nearby skin. Skin triggers response and then produces fresh collagen naturally. This also helps skin to regain and retain its strength and elasticity. HIFU is a modern technology which accounts for ultrasound imaging that enables doctors to view the layers of skin tissues in patients and target those areas which require maximum attention to obtain optimum results. One session of HIFU delivers productive results and allows candidates to get rid of their wrinkles and lines. However,apparent results can be viewed only after few months. In this period, collagen becomes effective over skin, tightens it and reduces wrinkles and other aging signs.
  • Injections: Certain injections like Botox helps in relaxing muscles that are responsible for producing frown lines on the forehead, fine lines around eyes and other wrinkle marks. Botox is a cosmetic treatment that which reduces muscular activity in upper forehead, lower central forehead and around the eyes. By injecting Botox, connectivity between the nerves and muscles can be prevented for about 3 months.
  • Laser resurfacing: Often, lasers are used by doctors to influence collagen production of skin. As a result, skin plumps up. At present, different kinds of lasers are available in the market. Before opting for a specific laser treatment, patients must seek advice from their doctors and assess which particular laser is most suitable for treating their wrinkles. Candidates must also enquire about any downtime or recover time as well as potential risks and threats, associated with laser techniques.
  • Moisturizers: Moisturizers also remove wrinkles, however for temporary time period. By applying moisturizers at a regular basis, wrinkles can be made less noticeable and fine lines can be reduced, however not permanently.
  • Plastic surgery: Plastic surgeries like brow lifts and facelifts as well as various other cosmetic surgeries help in fighting wrinkles and fine lines. For some people, minor wrinkle removal treatments also deliver productive results. Patients must discuss with their surgeons and then proceed to such measures.
  • Retinoid: Of all the above techniques, retinoid is the most effective solution for treating wrinkles and other aging signs like skin roughness, dryness and uneven pigmentation. So far, the treatment has delivered proven results in fighting age-related symptoms in skin. Initially, it causes peeling and redness, which gives an unpleasant feeling; however skin condition improves as peeling stops.

Healthy Lifestyle is the Key to Healthy Skin

Apart from the above treatments, a healthy lifestyle leads to lesser appearance of wrinkles, as compared to age. By incorporating the following habits on a daily basis, wrinkle formation can be prevented and smooth and clear skin can be maintained.

  • Exercise: Exercising on a regular basis gives strength and stamina to the skin. It makes body and skin more flexible and induces more elasticity. This prevents wrinkle growth and keeps skin smooth and elastic, all throughout. Skin also remains tighter even in matured ages.
  • Balanced Diet: A proper nutritious diet maintains right proportion of all nutritional requirements of body. By consuming balanced diet on a regular basis, skin gets its vital nutrients and maintains its quality, even at aging. Balanced diet must comprise of adequate proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and roughage. Besides food, drinking sufficient amount of water hydrates the skin and keeps away from aging problems like wrinkles.
  • Yoga: Yoga is indeed the best medicine for all health and skin problems. Regular yoga makes skin smoother and stronger. The collagen fibers remain strong and are well connected. Skin rejuvenates and breathes naturally, during yoga. There are also specific yoga which, if practiced from an early age, prevents aging signs to show up on skin.
  • Massage: Massaging skin at regular intervals increases its strength and activates nerves lying beneath. Dryness, roughness and brittleness are best treated through skin and body massage. There are different massage therapies, which polishes skin and gives a youthful look.

Home Remedies for Wrinkles

  • Lemons: Lemon juice is packed with acids that can reduce the formation and appearance of wrinkles on the face.
  • Vegetables & Fruits: Consuming vegetables or fruits with vitamins A and D can make the skin healthy and glowing.
  • Olive Oil: Using natural olive oil enhances the skin tone, making it soft, smooth & healthy.
  • Egg White: Vitamins B & E in egg whites rejuvenate skin, giving your skin a 20 minute egg white massage can actually create elasticity & firmness in the skin.


I hope this article provided good insight on wrinkles, prevention, and its treatment. Prevention can be effective in delaying the formation and appearance of wrinkles, but once you've got them, it's better to consult a professional dermatologist for result-oriented treatment, rather than spending money on various products that don't work!

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