Bio Identical Hormones are derived from Diosgenin, an active ingredient of wild yam and soya. As these are structurally similar to the human hormones they are also known as Human-Identical Hormones or Iso-Molecular Hormones. Being structurally similar these hormones are read by the body as own and hence rejuvenate the body with minimal adverse effects.

It's not about one's calendar age. It's all about the productive and active age. Bio Identical hormone replacement therapy improves the productive age and hence is an important tool in the field of antiaging.

Bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT) is gaining fast popularity in treating menopausal symptoms, balancing hormones, and slowing the aging process. More recently, men are becoming aware of the benefits of bio-identical male hormone therapy. Many men using bio-identical hormone therapy are finding improvement in their general health, mood, wellness, strength, muscle tone, and sexual function and libido.