It has been a few decades now that Botox treatments have been used successfully as a cosmetic and corrective procedure for problems relating to aging and its possible effects and side effects. Crow's feet are one such side effect of aging that has been treated with Botox with a success rate of 100%.

Crow's feet, also popularly known as the laughter lines are actually a cluster of fine lines or tiny wrinkles that form around the eyes and the eyelids or at the outer corner of the eyes. These are often the result of age. Actually, these are among the first wrinkles that are formed and are visible as early as in the 30s. These are visible easily when one squints or contracts the muscles of the face.

Botox for Crow's feet

Like most of the other facial aging issues, Crow's feet are also best treated with a Botox procedure. While treating a woman's Crow's feet might require an average dose of 4 to 20 units, treatment for men requires 10 to 30 units. Usually a team of Doctors or Nurses customize the treatment that is required by a client and then finally, tailor-make it for them. This has two benefits, there are no surprises in store for the client and they also get an estimate of the total expenditure they should be prepared to incur.

When it comes to treating Crow's feet, both the clients and the Doctors prefer to keep a natural look and leave behind some of the Crow's feet that can add a twinkle to the eye, at the time of smiling. The Botox for Crow's feet helps to keep the problem under control and prevents it from getting worse over a period of time. An experienced doctor or a nurse would be able to tell you exactly the amount of dose that needs to be administered depending on the factors such as:

  • Amount of lines
  • Structure of face
  • Age
  • The way one smiles

The basic aim of clinicians using Botox for Crow's feet is to soften the effects of ageing, maintain the natural movement and expression and still make a client look and feel younger, without making them look unnatural.

The results will vary depending on what the client is personally looking for and what is it that they have asked for. There are several clients who prefer to have small doses at frequent intervals because they want subtle changes over a period of time and not abrupt and remarkable changes. Most of the clients also like to have a completely natural look and so they allow certain fine lines to remain, as a matter of choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What can be expected after Botox is used for Crow's feet?
Ans: The Botox in case of Crow's feet is not used to completely remove the effect but to retain the natural look. The idea is to keep the Crow's feet under control and prevent it from becoming worse over a period of time.

Ques: What is the time taken for the Botox procedure for Crow's feet?
Ans: The procedure involving Botox for Crow's feet is a barely 10 minute process and involves injecting the Botox right under the muscles that need to be treated.

Ques: When are the results for Botox for Crow's Feet visible?
Ans: The results are visible from 1 to 2 weeks of the procedure itself.

Ques: How long will the results of the treatment last?
Ans: On an average, the treatment lasts for about 3 to 4 months.