Gums hold the teeth, not the world, together

There are people who have a good smile and people who do not have a good smile. Then, those who do not have a good smile - can get a good smile if they want, simply by half an hour of surgery! That's right! With as little as 15 minutes getting spent on the table under the knife, the person with a gummy smile can get a beautiful smile, with smiling features that will sway a crowd of hundreds, no millions, should the need be! Into his or her favour.

The age when gummy smile appears

Gummy smiles appear for a person if he or she will have on, since a very young age, it is a natural phenomenon and does not change with change in age or change in environment. It causes much heartache to many people as it brings with it a large amount of carnality to small, gentle and sweet thing such as a smile. People who have a gummy smile often find themselves at the receiving end of much trials and tribulations. They will face mental agony, crisis and temperamental problems since childhood. The onset of these features, many a times are harbingers of much of such problems. In case, a person is able to come out of such problems till his teens or adulthood he or she is very lucky indeed since most and many get bruised emotionally and get hung high and dry all because of a certain type of smile.

Can we further classify the types of gummy teeth

There are no two types of gummy teeth, so if an individual has gummy teeth wherein he is facing social flak, he has to then choose between a surgery of Botox or a life in continuation without any new such surgeries. In case, surgery is chosen then he or she has to be able meet the various requirements for performance of the surgery such as physical fitness and financial requirements etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What can be expected after Botox?
Ans: After a Botox surgery, the individual getting the Botox surgery done will find his dream life starting to come alive, all his nightmares and demons of the night time fears will go away. He or she will find a more relaxed atmosphere, more attractive features, a more sharp personality and character emerging. He or she will not only be more active and involved with social gatherings, society at large and group events that include family get togethers but also feel much more safe, secure and confidant of the self.

Ques: Time taken for procedure?
Ans: The time taken for the procedure to complete - that is for the surgery to initialise, be performed and end, to conclude and then the celebrations to begin! For some people it will take maximum ten to thirty minutes while for others it will be much much more as the procedure will involve complex customizations. Then, the procedure time changes from person to person and the options they choose for surgery thereon.

Ques: When the results can be seen?
Ans: The results of the surgery are visible immediately after the operation and thus once out of the operation theater, the individual can look forward to being able to flaunt his new, shiny, wavy smile immediately

Ques: How long the results last?
Ans: The results last as the doctor explains. It varies for individual to individual and since it cannot be understood fully in generalized manner, by explaining to for all the people all the time, the answer can only be that it varies with each patient.

Thus, with botox for gummy smile a whole new chapter in the life of hundreds of people has been opened. And since this technology is now a time tested and a fully researched and well understood medical science - the chances of making errors and taking chances are very very low. Not only does this procedure become very convenient and comforting for those suffering from this minor problem, it is now also much more cost effective as compared to how much it cost a decade ago, it is much more safe and secure as a procedure and the common hazards that were once thought to be attached with it such as risk of cancer have been totally demolished scientifically.