Guide to Nefertiti lift – an easy way out to get sculpted neck

Named after Egyptian queen, Nefertiti, this botox lifting technique is meant to rework on your sagging neck skin to make it firmer. This is a short duration technique that requires few minutes to make your neck look sculpted. The guide talks about the technique of Nefertiti Lift for Neck Wrinkling and Sagging.

You can have a look at this technique to decide if it will suit you or not. We have tried to cover Nefertiti from all aspects. So, check out if you should undergo it or not.

Reasons behind neck wrinkles and sagging

Neck wrinkles and sagging trouble a lot more people these days. The reasons for which are stated as below:

  • Aging which leads to collagen-loss from skin, thus making it appear loosened over time
  • Thinner skin of neck
  • Excessive exposure to sun
  • Smoking and alcohol

Age factor and formation of neck wrinkles and sagging

Aging reduces good fats from skin which eventually affects the firmness. As skin of neck is already very sensitive, it will lose out its elasticity with time. This is more prominent during aging which degrades the skin softness. As skin loses out its firmness, it will eventually lead to wrinkles and sagging.

What is Nefertiti Lift?

A new procedure, Nefertiti Lift for Neck Wrinkling and Sagging uses placing botox along the jawline and neck.

How Nefertiti Lift is done?

Neck lift is easier with this technique and what is used is the injectable filler. It helps by injecting the botox around the jawline which runs down to platysma muscle. Permanent fillers are also available which is applicable up to 5 sessions. These fillers help in stimulating the collagen production.

The platysma muscle is responsible for pulling the muscles downward that gives out a firm appearance to the neck. When these muscles in the lower neck are relaxed, your face will become stronger. This strength will make the neck muscles to pull themselves upwards.

Time duration of Nefertiti Lift

This is a very quick procedure which takes up to 15 minutes. There is no downtime as such so you can be free from worries.

Results of Nefertiti Lift

This non-surgical procedure is easier and safer and also this helps in weakening of lower muscles of neck. As a result of which, upper muscle of face are pulled up thus giving a firm appearance of neck.

After how much time will the results come up!

It generally takes up to 7 days for the results to appear. You will feel a fresh-looking skin which is devoid of any wrinkles. The muscles will tend to get more relaxed which gives a firmer appearance to your neck. Make sure that you are using the muscles to the scantiest. Using the muscles more will only make the results of botox go away. One thing is to be noted that result of this lift will vary. If you take proper care, the results of the surgery may last up to 4 months.

Time taken in Nefertiti Lift to deliver results

Time taken to deliver the results by this treatment requires up to 7 days. Minimum 3 days are required to deliver the results in this surgery.

For how long Nefertiti Lift's results last

The time duration up to which this treatment lasts is up to 6 months. Minimum time required is up to 4 months. There are three types of these botox treatments which include botox, xeomin and dysport.

You will have to undergo the treatments continuously after every 6 months. Otherwise, you will get back to pavilion. The former look will remerge and you will look paler like you were before. The results are completely safe and it is similar to a skin test where injections are required.