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Everyone wants a flawless & unwanted hair free skin. Nowadays laser hair removal procedure is becoming popular & in this scenario one must know few facts regarding when laser hair removal treatment may not work.

Laser is a very effective hair removal procedure provided it is done right, with a great amount of understanding and by a certified practitioner. It is a safe and FDA approved (since 1997) method, which has proven results on many patients and helps boost their self-confidence. Laser is effective in bikini region, under arms, legs, chest, back and face. However, one needs to know the cases where this treatment would be rendered ineffective. This treatment is in vogue for 10years now.

  • Skin type: This procedure works best on dark pigmented hair and is ineffective on blonde, grey and white hair. This is due to the fact that laser beams are absorbed by the melanin in the hair. Lighter hair and skin has lesser melanin and dark skin and hair has high amount of melanin pigment. Hence an ideal candidate must have a lighter skin tone and darker hair tone. A dark skinned recipient of laser treatment has a skin scarring due the laser beam. However, long wave laser like the YAG laser reduces the scarring effect on the dark skin. One should therefore ensure that there is no skin tanning done before or during the treatment period.

    Before starting treatment, one must hence discuss with the practitioner about your skin type and the right type of laser which would suit your skin type.
  • PCOs and other hormonal imbalances: This is another main reason for this procedure failing among many female patients. Many women seeking this procedure do not have much knowledge on the underlying cause of their hair growth. For a laser procedure to be effective on a patient suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, she needs to be on proper hormonal regulating medications and have a proper gynecologist examination before taking this treatment.
  • Paradoxical Hair Growth: This is the stimulation of hair growth in areas treated with Laser in some patients. It's a rare case wherein the region with inappropriate hair thickness and color, when treated with laser tends to grow back with a sort of aggression. It is always wise not to treat areas which are light-hued and has vellus hairs. This condition is also triggered by underlying factors like obesity, PCOs, idiopathic hirsutism, stress and diabetes among others.

Laser Hair Treatment is a very effective procedure with a high success rate if done under proper medical guidance and by a certified specialist. Care should be taken to ensure that the practitioner knows your medical history and recent hormonal changes in order to determine the right kind of treatment for you. While there is no restriction on the skin color nowadays, it is advisable that a proper evaluation be done before starting on the treatment to avoid disappointment. The kind of laser required, the number of visits and the duration of the procedure solely depend on the kind of hair growth and the health conditions of the individual and can't be generalized. A proper know-how and dos and don'ts must be kept in mind and followed diligently to ensure that the procedure is a success.