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Offering the best Permanent Laser Hair Removal for men & women in India (Delhi). 3-in-1 laser makes the treatment effective for all skin types & we have designed our packages that will suit everyone. Care WellTM offers the best cost for permanent laser hair removal treatment in India (Delhi) with best results. Learn more about the functional benefits, best age to go for LHR treatment, pre-treatment tips, post treatment care & more.


Every woman dreams of getting rid of unwanted hairs without growing them back. Of all hair removal procedures, laser technology makes it possible to happen. Using the cutting-edge hair loss mechanism, women can now say good-bye to hair in unwanted regions and enjoy life freely. From professional environment to personal life, ladies can now be carefree without taking the hassle of those recurring parlour appointments and visits. Thus, laser not only provides relief to women but also delivers a permanent solution to lead live fruitfully. Post-treatment, women can look forward to a rewarding lifestyle and wear anything without stressing out.

Why women must opt for Laser Hair Removal?

Most ladies are unaware about the long-lasting benefits of laser treatment. Some consider it a serious surgical process while others consider it as a procedure followed by side-effects. Bypassing all such myths, the truth happens to be something else. Laser Hair Removal has both functional and aesthetic effects.

Functional Benefits

Non-invasive procedure

The most important thing most ladies miss out is that laser is a non-invasive procedure. Unlike any surgery, candidates can simply relax during the treatment without undergoing any agony or pain. As it's done through modern innovative devices, hence there's hardly any discomfort. Moreover, it takes minimum amount of time depending on the areas to be treated and the amount of hair that needs to be removed. Hence, during the treatment, candidates can simply relax their mind and enjoy the process.

Flexible and Dynamic Approach

Laser treatment is based on a modern, scientific and innovative procedure that imbibes flexibility and dynamism. The unique treatment has a solution for all kinds of hair, again another important thing that conventional hair removal surgeries don't offer. Further, its cutting-edge technology and the overall infrastructure within which the treatment is provided, makes it a prior choice for most well accomplished women.

Comfort and Convenience

From the very first step of the procedure till it comes to an end, comfort is a distinguishing factor for this treatment. At the same time it's very convenient because ladies can soon return to normal life after the treatment. There's no resting time or post-treatment care for which daily activities must be brought to a halt. People come, relish the treatment and go back hassle-free.

Everlasting Effect

That's the USP of laser technology. In western countries, laser is a popular choice as it's a permanent solution and not some temporary effect which hardly lasts for few days, in some cases a month. Once laser removes hair from unwanted regions, it's gone for once and all. People don't have to come back again and again to remove the re-grown hair. Often, a few maintenance sessions might be required that too once in three to six months depending on the genetic hair growth of an individual.


It is the killer advantage. Where traditional hair removal ways like waxing, threading, etc bring recurring costs; laser is friendly on pockets. The cost of a single session can be anything between 2,000 INR to 4,000 INR depending on various factors- amount of hair to be removed from the areas, the dimension of the areas, nature of hair and other similar parameters. Hence, if the annual cost for conventional hair removal means is calculated, it sums up to almost 1.5 or 2 times the price of a single laser session. With this, laser can be really advantageous.

Aesthetic Effects

Developed Personality

With hair-free skin, what can be a better factor for carrying a developed personality? From going to office to attending parties to hanging out with friends to corporate meetings, any attire can work wonders, after a laser-based hair loss treatment. Days with packed-up schedules followed by evening functions can no more be a concern, if skin remains hair free all the time.

More Confidence

A developed personality is always accompanied by high confidence. When ladies need not worry about exposing their underarm sweat, or when they can immediately change to sleeveless attire, confidence is sure to scale high in them. Thus, in any walk of life, they can be highly inspiring for others and create a unique identity everywhere.

Improved Body Language

Just like tiny drops make a bucket full, in a similar way all the above little achievements can result in a bigger accomplishment, i.e. body language. A stout personality, better confidence and re-defined attitude is good enough to scale up one's body language and make one “talk of the town”.

Success in Professional Life

More confidence, improved body language and a better personality; all add up to a progressive professional life. Clients, colleagues and bosses are more likely to be happy. Projects start drooping in and there's no end to compliments in the professional world.

Satisfaction in Personal Wellbeing

Finally, personal satisfaction matters the most. With everyone getting along well, it seems like the world is walking with you. There's lesser stress, fewer concerns and above all a carefree attitude that possesses the potential to kill all the negative energies around that can undermine you.

Drawbacks of other Hair Removal Methods

Outdated Technology

Best said there are no technologies like laser that can gift a wonderful life and make life, happier than ever. The other hair removal methods including those critical surgeries have become obsolete with time. There's no advancement and as a result, it hardly produces any effect in today's time. Moreover, such means and mechanisms don't work in the present-day lifestyle.

Pain and Discomfort

Think about waxing, the first thing is that pops up in the mind is “OUCH”. Threading, well that's a double OUCH. And those traditional surgeries are best not to be spoken about, as pain and discomfort rank number one in such methods. Besides the usual pain, ladies suffer rashes or reddishness. The condition is worse for those having skin that is allergic to wax.


By the time women succumb to their trauma caused by conventional hair loss methods; small strands of hair are already seen on their skin. This means planning for the next parlour appointment. In short, the wound heals or not, signs of forthcoming injury make their way through our imagination. And it is a recurring phenomenon is all women's lives. The only reason behind such hassles is the non-effectiveness of the conventional treatments.

Hard on Pockets

Regular parlour visits means more expenses, which makes the annual cost of the treatment extremely dear, compared to laser. Moreover, there's no guarantee, unlike laser. Worst thing is it that the effect is not permanent. With all these, traditional hair loss mechanisms are nothing but a money-making source for the parlours.

Critical Post-treatment Care

After a waxing or threading session, most women leave their salons buying maintenance products that will keep their skin smooth, moisturised and heal the discomfort caused due to such treatments. Laser, on the other hand, has no such mandatory products. In rare cases though, candidates are given post-treatment products; however that's hardly 1 or 2 out of 10 females. Such products further accelerate the expenses; thus making the overall expenditure close to 3 times or more the cost of a single session of laser.

More Resting Time

Critical surgeries demand resting time after treatment. Ladies cannot take the risk of resuming their normal activities, soon after treatment. Hence, it takes much of their valuable time. On the contrary, laser treatment does not require time-related sacrifices. It is quick, fast and feasible.

Temporary, sometimes Worse Results

Results in the normal hair loss procedures are not just temporary but quite often worst. In various women, rashes that grow after their salon visits don't heal at a very faster rate. This further adds to their daily woes and harms the physical look and appeal. Laser-based hair removal processes, on the other hand, makes one look more attractive, appealing and younger.

What is the best age for a woman to go for Laser Hair Removal treatment?

Not only adult women but also female teenagers can also embrace laser technology for removing their hair. However, one thing should be noted especially for the teens is that girls must be aware about the procedure and must know what all it has to offer. From the beginning till the end, they must be well educated and learned about laser treatment. It is all because in case they cannot lie down still or cannot tolerate the rubber-like vibration and keep moving, that might be a problem for the professionals performing the treatment. Hence, it is advisable that prior to getting into laser treatments, ladies must be aware about the treatment, must know what their body will go through and be mentally prepared for taking the required number of sessions.

Pre-treatment Tips

Here are some useful pre-treatment tips for getting best possible results:

  1. Exposure to UV rays must be avoided from at least a week before the treatment
  2. Candidates must not go through any cosmetic procedure or surgery before undergoing laser. It is because cosmetic science often interferes with laser science
  3. Before dropping into the salon, candidates can also cleanse the area from where hair is to be removed.
  4. The treatment area must not be peeled, waxed or threaded at least 2 weeks before the treatment. It must only be shaved that too, 24 hours before the treatment for best results.
  5. Candidates must also abstain from using tanning products
  6. Before getting into the treatment, they must show all their regular medications (if any) to the laser consultant only to ensure that it doesn't interfere with the treatment process
  7. If candidates have sore-prone skin, it is recommended to take anti-viral medicine prior to the treatment
  8. Skin with excess lesions and moles must be cleaned by the laser professional before applying laser.

Care During Treatment

  1. Candidates must never shave their would-be treated area on the same day of the treatment. If so done, professionals won't take up the laser therapy on that day.
  2. Secondly, ladies must always speak to their laser practitioners and aware them about changes in medications (if any).
  3. Finally, candidates must simply lie down and act as advised by the laser professionals. They must not move their body too much and also should make themselves comfortable for the treatment to go smoothly and hassle-free.

Post-treatment Care

A common after laser treatment involves the use of aloe vera gel provided by the clinic itself. It is just given to cure the presence of redness, if any. Besides these, if practitioners feel, they can provide other maintenance suggestions; however these are truly rare and vary across individuals.

What to expect with Laser Hair Removal at Care WellTM

Care WellTM, a specialized laser hair removal treatment centre based in New Delhi has the best-in-class facilities and services for its customers. From state-of-the-art infrastructure to latest laser devices and machines; the place is most scientific and innovative in approach. Its practitioners also greet each customer with utmost hospitality. From pre-treatment care to post-treatment suggestions, the unit is one-of-a-kind in conducting laser treatments for removing hair. Furthermore, its price is also reasonable and competitive.

When must females abstain from undergoing Laser Hair Treatment?

  1. When they are having such medications especially antibiotics that will interfere with the laser treatment
  2. It is also advisable to keep away from such treatments during pregnancy
  3. Any other previous medical surgeries that might prevent one to step into laser must also be discussed with the concerned laser consultant

Is the Treatment Painful?

Absolutely not, in fact it is relaxing. Laser Hair Removal process only causes little rubber-like vibration that does not produce any side effects. Only in rare cases, patients experience rashes, which heal faster with the help of small medications or after-treatment products given by the centres.

How many sessions are required in overall?

This is completely subjective as it depends on quite a number of factors like nature and type of hair, amount of area that needs to be treated and the hair genetics. Normally 4-8 sessions are required.

For Men

Gone are the days when ladies would spend more time and money in parlous. In present-day period, men too have the time and zeal to hit their salons and re-boost their mind, body and soul for a better life. They now pay heed to matters concerning their personality, body language and complete outlook. They too don't want to compromise with their standards and therefore think it to be perfectly fine in getting hairless skin, just like their female counterparts.

Why are men looking for Laser Hair Removal?

Men, like women have become conscious of late. Unlike before when men used to be more money-centric, today their focus lie not just on earning but also on development. This development is a two-fold one- Professional success on one hand and personality development, on the other. To achieve the latter aspiration, they tend to look forward towards the innovative and scientific ways of removing unwanted hair from different parts of their body. Hence, their reasons are similar to those of females.

What is the right age for men to opt for Laser Hair Removal?

Just like females, men have no specific age for opting for laser hair removal. The right age will then start from the teens. However, an important thing to note here is that teen boys must have a clear and complete idea about the entire process so that they are matured and educated about laser treatment. As the process brings in slight vibration where the patients are not expected to move their body too much, boys must understand this criterion. They must also be responsible for their decision and be able to stand up for themselves while undergoing the treatment.

As for grown up men, they too much know the process well and be mentally prepared for the sessions.

How Laser Hair Removal is different in men from women?

Laser technology is the same for both men and women. Things that are different include the type of hair grown by each gender and the common areas that are more preferred for laser hair removal. Laser technology is customised to deal with different types of hair- long, coarse and dense (men) and short, fine and less dense (women).

Common Areas of Laser Hair Removal asked by Men

Men are keener on getting hair-free skin on legs, arm, back and chest. They also want their hands to be hairless. Presently, many men are also opting for full body laser hair removal procedure.

Most important things that Men should know about Laser Hair Removal

  1. At first, men must make sure that they are not planning to undergo laser for grey hair because laser does not work on such hair. Hence, before it gets late, they must gear up for their laser hair removal treatments
  2. Secondly, if they are taking any regular medications, they must consult their physicians and their laser consultants to make sure that the medications won't hamper the laser process or vice-versa.
  3. Thirdly, they must never think of a laser hair removal just beneath their eyes.
  4. Finally, laser hair removal might have some post-treatment maintenance and care which must be done on a routine basis. Only then, the results can be seen quicker and faster and it can be long lasting.

How many sessions are required for Men?

The number of laser sessions for removing hair varies from men to men. As the number of sessions is dependent on the nature and type of hair, areas that need to be treated and any additional treatments that need to be performed, hence the overall number is not fixed. Usually 6-8 sessions are enough for most of the men.

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