Carrying extra baggage on your waist can be a serious problem if not dealt with at the right time. A lot of belly fat can affect your health in a bad way. It’s not the fat under the skin you need to look out for, it’s the one surrounding your vital organs such like the heart, liver, lungs & various other organs of the body. This fat is called “visceral fat”, and this is the one you need to be careful about.

Visceral is fatal!

Visceral fat is called deep fat which is stored way beneath the subcutaneous layer & it is wrapped around major organs of the body like the kidneys, pancreas & other organs. An excess amount of visceral body fat can actually change the course of your body function & cause serious damage to it. Visceral fat is termed as “toxic”, and could create serious inflammatory problems, if it’s not dealt with. A protruding belly is a dangerous sign of pronounced obesity.

What’s the source of so much visceral?

Blood sugar levels are defined by things like your appetite, weight, & mood swings. The most crucial hormone insulin, controls & balances sugar levels of the body by breaking down food into starch & sugar molecules called fructose & glucose. When these sugars enter our bloodstream it triggers the release of this hormone – insulin throughout the body, excess amounts of insulin can cause deposition of high amounts of body fat leading to life threatening diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, strokes, depression, insulin resistance, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, etc.

Ways to trim your waist

Binging on too much carb can add to your waistline. Eating too much carb can add to your calorie count by triglyceride conversion and storage in fat cells Also, these carbohydrates stimulate lot of insulin. More carbs, more insulin, & thus more fat.

Walking off your belly bulge requires brisk walking- a moderately based cardiovascular activity that mildly elevates breathing rates and heart functioning with very less stress on body joints. A 30 minute brisk walk, five days a week can burn a good amount of calories and this kind of walk requires proper shoes, a straight body posture & a relaxed hands to enjoy the walking experience.

Coming back to a low carb diet, stay clear of cereals, breads, molasses, corn syrup & more. Keep an eye on sucrose, glucose, fructose, & maltose as they can increase your blood sugar levels. Consumption of a protein rich diet, such as eggs, seafood, dairy products in limitation, can deliver healthy proteins. Protein rich vegetables can be listed as Spinach, Kale, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Mushrooms, Parsley, Cabbage, etc.

Adding yoga to your daily regimen can significantly reduce belly fat with various Asanas like Tadasana, Surya Namaskar, Padahastasana, Naukasana, Bhujangasana, are some of the asanas that can be performed to release body fat. Myths of reducing belly fat in 10 or 15 days is a complete myth and should not be performed practically as it can seriously deteriorate the physical health of an individual due to high stress on vital organs of the body. Starving, aggressive workouts, and other

ways to reduce fat in a short span can create problems.

The best way to stay fit include:

  • Eating healthy with fruits & vegetables
  • Limit intake of junk food
  • Take a low carbs and high protein diet
  • Do not eat heavy meals, break your meal regime in small amounts, viz- 4-5 meals, rather than 3.

The modern Homo Sapien has adapted to a very sedentary lifestyle, wherein they do not want to use their body to lead an active life. A healthy suggestion for people includes taking stairs instead of the lift, walking to your workplace instead of a conveyance, & relaxing your body while working in workplaces. Avoid sitting down for longer periods as it can create fat deposition problems in the future.

Fat reduction with Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical technique used to reduce localized body fat. The Cryolipolysis process delivers controlled & effective fat cell targeting by freezing fat cells for crystallization & termination. This proven technology delivers long-term results as the body naturally processes the fat and eliminates dead cells.

In this process, vacuum applicators and cooling panels are used, when the applicator is placed on the skin, it delivers a cooling sensation with an anesthetic effect, the process takes an hour for the fat to be cooled. This therapy requires multiple sessions for a visible decrease in fat bulge. It usually takes 60 to 120 days for the procedure to show significant results.


People need to get their fat levels checked on a regular basis, as it can be fatal for them in the future. Get your diet under control with healthy foods, a good exercise regime, if you feel, you need an expert to achieve this, then feel free to consult a medical professional for various fat reduction procedures that are safe and result-oriented.