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Skin tightening is an effective procedure to improve the overall quality of skin by tightening its elements and structure and developing firmness. Skin tightening can be done through surgical and non-surgical methods. Of these two, non-surgical methods are more popular, because of the array of advantage associated with it. Apart from enhancing skin quality, non surgical procedures also correct skin laxity. Today, renowned plastic surgeons provide non-invasive skin tightening solutions which benefit candidates, in the long run.

There are various treatments that deliver nonsurgical skin tightening. The surgeon chooses the best treatment according to the quality of skin and area to be treated. Prior to the procedure, surgeons treat the area with skin and makeup lotions. In certain treatments, thin coat of ultrasound gel is finely applied during the treatment. Based on the device used for the procedure, the targeted area and individual requirements oral or intravenous pain medication are often prescribed to the patients.

Let's talk about effects of aging on skin, before we discuss about skin tightening or anti aging treatments available

With time and age, skin loses its youthful appearance, firmness, strength and vitality. As a person stars aging, age-related symptoms start showing on skin. Apart from normal aging, lifestyle activities and personal habits also leave its effects behind, on skin. The following skin effects are significant signs of aging:

  • First of all, with age, skin becomes loose and sages. Since elastic tissues like collagen fibers and elastin reduce, therefore skin loses its firmness and strength. Hence, it droops.
  • Skin loses its smooth appeal and becomes more rough and dry. Aging makes skin fragile and brittle.
  • Aging makes skin weaker than before since epidermis and dermis (layer below the epidermis) come together and flatten the skin area.
  • As one moves towards aging, skin bruises more easily, since it loses support around blood vessels.
  • Beneath the skin's surface in chin, temples, nose, cheeks and around eyes, there is loss of fat which gives a leaner look to the face. Skin therefore appears thinner than before.
  • Loss of bones around mouth and chin causes puckering of mouth. Even nose shapes can change, if it loses cartilage tissues.
  • With age, skin also develops lesions like benign tumors. Such tumors don't affect surrounding skin or spread to other parts of body. It is not a cancer.
  • Skin gains more transparency, with aging. This happens due to thinning of epidermis, the outer surface layer of skin.
  • In 30s or 40s, people develop lines on their facial skin, as a result of expressions they make. These lines can be horizontal on foreheads and small and curved on upper cheeks, temples and around the mouth.
  • Earth's gravity is also responsible for affecting skin. When skin loses its elasticity, gravitation droops the eyelids and eyebrows and creates fullness and looseness under the jaws and cheeks. Ear lobes also lengthen, in advanced ages.

Cosmetic Anti Aging Treatments

There are many cosmetic anti aging treatments available to fight the aging effects. There are endless options when we talk about these treatments some of the top treatments include applying creams, chemical peels and lasers. It is your skin specialist who is going to decide which treatment is better for you. Let us discuss about some of the top cosmetic anti aging treatments.

1. Fillers


Wrinkle fillers or dermal fillers are especially used for making the face fuller or eliminating lines and wrinkles from skin. The dermal fillers are injected into the skin where they fill the targeted area. Mostly, dermal fillers are used on lips, temples, jaws, cheeks and hands. There are different kinds of dermal fillers namely hyaluronic acid fillers, synthetic fillers and autologous fillers. Depending on the patient's condition and the area of skin, the surgeon chooses the most suitable kind of dermal fillers. Read more...

2. Botox Treatment

Botox is a neurotoxin which relaxes group of muscles, when applied to them. It is another effective means of tightening and toning skin by means of Botox injections. It is best for sagging skin in the face and the neck and is comparatively reasonable. By injecting Botox in loose skin in neck, loose skin drapes back against the angle of neck by decreasing the tightening of platsyma muscle. When this muscle gets tightened, it pulls away skin from the curved angle of the neck and sticks out. Botox produces an effect called the botulinum toxin, which reduces abnormal muscle contraction and makes it less stiff. Read more...

3. Chemical Skin Peels


Chemical Skin Peeling is another effective procedure that has been designed to smooth the skin surface by removing dead cells and fine lines and finally tightening skin. It is only applicable for facial skin and through this treatment, new skin gets exposed. Patients feel refreshed and rejuvenated with their firm facial skin. During chemical peeling, a chemical solution is applied to the skin. The skin soaks in it for a fortnight and depending on the degree of penetration of the chemical into the skin tissues, the skin automatically peels off. These chemicals, also known as wounding agents or exfoliating components completely destroys skin parts in a controlled manner to enable growth and development of newer skin in its place. There are different types of peels namely superficial peels, medium peels and deep peels. Based on the facial condition of the patient, skin tone and complexion and other medical parameters surgeons choose the best chemical peeling procedure for individual patients. Read more...


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is another non-surgical skin tightening treatment that effectively lifts muscles and finely tones loose and drooping skin, without any downtime. HIFU specifically targets the deep foundation below the skin, without cutting or operating the skin surface. In this procedure, surgeons take help of ultrasound imaging and can actually see the tissue layers to be targeted. With the ultrasound image, they can also ensure that the energy gets deposited in specific areas, where it will be more effective. By means of focused ultrasound energy below the skin surface, body creates new collagen and skin begins to life and tone, over time. Read more...

5. RF Skin Tightening


In Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening, RF energy is used to heat tissues and influence production of sub-dermal collagen so as to reduce appearance of fine lines and loose skin. It is an aesthetic technique which involves tissue remodeling and production of new elastin and collagen. In this procedure, the targeted area is first measured and marked and skin is cooled down for safety and comfort. An exclusive treatment tip is placed against the skin. RF energy penetrates deep into the tissues of the skin, heats the treatment area and stimulates collagen production. As the process continues, patients experience gentle vibration and cooling and heating sensations. RF is a perfect alternative to other cosmetic surgeries. Read more...

6. Fat Grafting Treatment


In Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening, RF energy is used to heat tissues and influence production of sub-dermal collagen so as to reduce appearance of fine lines and loose skin. It is an aesthetic technique which involves tissue remodeling and production of new elastin and collagen. In this procedure, the targeted area is first measured and marked and skin is cooled down for safety and comfort. An exclusive treatment tip is placed against the skin. RF energy penetrates deep into the tissues of the skin, heats the treatment area and stimulates collagen production. As the process continues, patients experience gentle vibration and cooling and heating sensations. RF is a perfect alternative to other cosmetic surgeries. Read more...

7. Lasers

Lasers are used to treat skin that is mainly damaged by sun. When you go for laser treatment, your skin would become supple with less of wrinkles. This treatment is quite accurate and mainly used for areas that are sensitive. They are best for treating areas of eyes. Darker skinned people can experience permanent pigmentation loss.

8. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)


This therapy is also known as natural hormone therapy as well. In this therapy identical hormones with human chemical structure that are produced in the body naturally are used on a molecular level along with endogenous hormones. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy are opted by women, usually to treat the symptoms related to menopause.

You can purchase it in set of doses at the pharmacy and be taken as per the prescription that is prescribed by the doctors after investigation. Bioidentical hormones must be applied like cream or as suppository through injection or oral method. Read more...

9. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL is an effective method for tightening skin in face. It is a 30 minute procedure in which intense pulses of light are used to penetrate deep into the skin tissues. As a result, the collagen and blood vessels lying below the epidermis constricts and reduces redness and age lines. During the process, patients are provided with a protective eye covering. While an infrared light heats the deep dermis (where collagen and blood vessels are present), a handpiece is used to monitor continuous cooling. There is only minimal discomfort and if there is swelling or redness, it disappears soon after the treatment. Patients can see the benefits in few weeks, after the treatment. For better results, patients can also combine radio waves with light waves.

10. Ultrasound

Non-surgical ultrasound treatment utilizes the body's own regenerative response for gently and gradually lifting skin under the chin, on the eyebrows and on the neck. The treatment counteracts the effect of time and gravity on skin. In this process, an ultrasound gel is applied to the treated area and a smooth handpiece is placed on the skin. The tissue image is projected on a screen to enable the surgeon view the targeted area. Small thermal bursts are emitted from the ultrasound which stimulates the deep structural support layers of the skin, without causing disturbance to neighboring skin areas. It is a non-invasive procedure which removes lines and wrinkles from the skin and tightens skin layer.

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What are the physical signs of aging?

Aging is a natural process. The most important sign of aging is the change in skin. You will find dark spots on your skin. These dark spots are called hyper pigmentation. They can be caused by sun damage, inflammation or any other skin injury. Another symptom is sagging of skin. With the passage of time, you may lose or gain weight. This may reduce the tautness of skin and cause sagging. Other symptoms include fine lines, wrinkles, patchy skin and open pores.

Can we prevent aging?

Individuals who are more conscious about their appearance, personality and health ask this question very often. Based on their knowledge and experience, skin experts including anti aging specialists suggest various ways by which aging can be prevented. Although aging is a natural phenomenon, but if we follow some ground rules, we can lessen the speed of aging. A healthy routine plus taking good care of skin can reduce the aging process.

When I should go for anti aging treatment?

Although you should take care of your skin from the very beginning and follow a healthy lifestyle, but the right time to go for an anti aging skin care treatment is when you find changes in your skin or you have crossed the age of thirty. It is a myth that anti aging treatment is suitable only for people with aging skin or patched skin. Anyone who wants to take good care of skin and want to keep looking younger, brighter and healthy can go for the treatment.

Excellent Skincare tips

Everyone craves for a healthy glowing skin. There are number of ways by which you can take care of your skin and keep looking good. First of all, follow a healthy regime and exercise regularly to keep your skin toned. Wash your skin regularly with clear water to keep away allergens, dust and dirt. Along with that you should use good skincare creams and lotions to keep your skin supple and soft. Skincare specialists always recommend using organic creams and skincare products as they are not harsh on skin and contain herbs and many more natural ingredients. It is also important that you should protect your skin from hot scorching sun. Regular use of sunscreen lotions is very helpful in preventing tanning of skin. Regular visit to your skincare specialist would also help in keeping your skin smooth and moist.

Super food items for healthy glowing skin

You may agree that the food we eat too aid in keeping our skin healthy and supple. Eat healthy food to keep your skin glowing. Consumption of nutrient packed food will add years to your life. These food items will slow down the process of aging. You should take anti-oxidant rich food in your diet. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, yogurt, olive oil, fish and nuts in your diet. Drink plenty of water everyday to keep your metabolism good. Eating healthy will keep metabolism good and slow down the process of aging.

Side effects of the cosmetic anti aging treatment

There are as such no serious side effects of cosmetic anti aging treatment if you are getting the treatment done from an expert. Whenever you will go to skin expert for an ant aging treatment, they would do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to that treatment. Yes, there can be some temporary effects such as redness of skin, swelling, bruising or even pain. Your skin expert would guide you take care of the temporary issues that may arise. With passage of time, these side effects would go away making you look young and smart.

How long do the cosmetic anti aging last?

Maximum cosmetic anti aging treatments give permanent results. If they are performed by an expert who has profound knowledge and experience in the field of anti aging treatments, you can be rest assured that you will have good results for longer duration.

Hopefully, the above information is quite valuable for a person who wants to go for an anti aging treatment. If you too are interested for this treatment, make sure that you consult an expert to do the job for you.

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