Guide to botox treatments for slimming down your jaw line

Heard of Botulinum Toxin? Confused about using it in anyways? This guide helps you find how botox helps for your upkeep. Yes, this one is meant for making your face well-sculpted. In the coming times, the significance of botox is going to increase to high levels. Let us understand how botox helps in making your face really sculpted!

What is face sculpting?

Also known as contouring, facial sculpting is used when a person wants an oval-shaped face. A V-shaped face helps your face looks slimmer and this is a popular method which is used in Asia. Women now want to look younger than their age and V-shaped face helped them achieve the desired look. In facial contouring, fatty deposits are removed underneath the skin thus giving it a firmer look.

Who can go for botox treatment?

You are an eligible candidate for undergoing botox treatment if you fall in one of the following categories:

  • If you suffer from the problem of bruxism or tooth grinding, you can go for reducing the broad jaws through botox
  • If you have fatty cheeks
  • To get a v-shaped jaw
  • If your jaw line gives you a more manish look

How botox treatment works?

Major problems occur when your jawline are stiff. Therefore, you need a form of relaxant which can make the chewing muscles thinner. It is the botox which acts as a relaxant and helps in thinning the masseter or chewing muscles. When botox is injected, nerve impulses from the muscles are blocked. Though this effect is in a particular area only, fine lines are also reduced which helps in making your face look firmer.

Check out the steps in which botox treatment works:

  • Areas are selected on face
  • Botox is injected thereafter
  • A numbing cream is applied to reduce pain

How botox treatment does away with surgery?

If you are afraid of undergoing surgical procedure for reducing your jaw line, go for Cheek & Jawline Slimming methods which use botox. In this treatment, fine needles are injected which doesn't leave any mark on your skin. Safety standards are really high as aftereffects are minimal. You will not suffer from any significant redness or bleeding. The side effects are not prominent therefore on safety grounds these treatments are quite promising.

How to maintain the effect of botox?

When you have undergone the treatment, you need to consider the time taken for healing. It generally takes up to 5 days to heal. Complete healing is essential as it helps in making the facial expressions really normal. The results of the treatments are long lasting which stays up to 4 months.

If you are done with the treatments, the effects are going to last longer. It is the future sessions which will take some time. After every two weeks, you need to visit the doctors in order to check the progress of your treatments.

How much time does cheek and jawline botox treatment requires?

Botox treatment for jawline and cheeks requires time duration of 15 minutes. This ensures you are undergoing the treatment in a quick and effective manner.

Benefits of cheek and jawline slimming technique

The person who has undergone this treatment looks much softer in the appearance. Face softens down to normal which makes the jawline really pleasing. Teeth grinding also can be done away with which helps in dealing with the problems of TMJ. Patients suffering from jaw pain have also stated about the reduction in pain.

This is a short duration treatment which takes a very short span of time. No need of anesthesia is required which makes you get back to the normal activities.