Chelation therapy is a chemical process to make the body free from mercury, led, calcium, other metals and minerals by administering chelating agents which binds metal & mineral molecules together and remove them from the body”.

In United States after 2002 the demand for chelation therapy grow by 68% & 1,11,000 people went for this treatment between 2002 to 2007. Due to this growth govt. agencies started research on this therapy and found it safe. The study shows that it was much beneficial for diabetic patients.

How it works

Caronary heart disease (CHD) or Coronary artery disease (CAD)and mainly MI (heart attack/heart failure) happens when the artery supplying oxygenated blood to the heart, get blocked with a sticky substance called plaque. This process of building up of plaque is a very slow process and could take decades and mainly depends on the food we eat and the lifestyle we have adopted.

Stage comes when plaque covers the major portion of artery and start obstructing the flow of blood but problem arises when one is involved into physical activity. At the time when body is involved in some physical activity, heart needs more blood to function properly and for pumps up faster to get more supply of blood but could not get the enough blood due to obstruction in artery. At this time when heart needs blood and do not get enough blood, the portion of heart got damage resulting in severe pain in chest, arm, shoulder or neck. This pain is called angina pain which is a sign of CAD.

Chelation Therapyis a preventive treatment which helps in removing the plaque from the arteries by bonding the molecules of plaque tightly and throwing it out of the body.

Chelation Therapyis also used to rid the body from excess of toxic metals like in case of lead poisoning, chelation help in binding lead molecules together and removes it from body before it could do any harm or damage.

Chelationis done to avoid bypass surgery as this therapy removes the blockage from the artery correcting the blood flow to heart. The purpose of improving the blood flow to the heart is achieved with this noninvasive therapy, thus the patient do not have to go for bypass surgery.

One must go for complete health checkup before going for any treatment related to heart disease and no treatment can alone take care of CAD/CHD and this stands true in the case of Chelation Therapy too.

After getting the Chelation Therapy one must avoid sedentary lifestyle and should add a routine for some physical exercise like jogging, brisk walking, swimming, tennis etc. Changing eating habits is a good option to avoid building up of plaque again in arteries.

Grow intake of nuts & fiber which are good source of good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce the intake of trans-fats, salt & unsaturated fat the source of bad cholesterol (LDL) responsible for deposition of plaque.