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Permanent Fat Removal for Men and Women with virtually no Pain and Downtime!

We don’t talk enough about how so many of us don’t feel enough, don’t feel ok, and don’t feel worthy. At some point in time we have dealt with imposter syndrome for so many decades, particularly when it comes to physical appearance (body shape and skin)– always making sure we’re prepared for beach vacations, social gatherings, meetings, researching and educating so we look/sound smart, that we’re impressing everyone and making sure we worth what they pay attention to us.

To a certain extent these aren’t bad characteristics, but one of the problems is we don’t talk enough about it. We don’t talk about how so many of us live our life externally the way we think we’re supposed to look like, to be, act, talk, like, dislike, yet internally we struggle and feel so discontented, conflicted, tired, disengaged, and left wondering what we are doing and where is our purpose.

CareWell has been growing with its patrons and truly know your core issue. We know after talking, coaching and treating so many people that almost everyone struggles with it to a certain degree at age or before age. Everyone want to re-gain a perfect modeled body, a marvelous skin or a magnificent face

We have truly realized the feeling, this deep-rooted issue & are here with a solution. We together will see your body regaining its worth with—UltraShape.

We believed the product will start to normalize all your bodily and fat issue at once in the initial first if you just follow our few tips.

What actually is UltraShape? New Non-Invasive fat/inch loss treatment

If you are thinking what UltraShape is for and what good it can do to you?

Then, know it’s a revolutionary new non-thermal ultrasound mechanism designed for body contouring. What’s even more contentious is that UltraShape is approved by FDA as a non-invasive treatment for cutting down abdominal circumference (waist measurement) and fat reduction in the abdomen, flanks, and thighs.

Employing the safe and sound revolutionary technique of ultrasound energy, it compassionately annihilates fat cells by distributing non-thermal ultrasound energy waves that are:

  • Focused - submitting ultrasound energy to tissue within a meticulous focal magnitude at a controlled depth and prompts wavering cavitation in fluids
  • Pulsed - the mechanical non-thermal effect outcomes in nominal elevation of 0.8°C in treated tissue for an immensely soothing and comfortable treatment experience
  • Selective - meticulously targeting fat cells while nerves, blood vessels, and adjacent tissue remain just unharmed.

What is UltraShape used to treat?

The Ultrashape for fat reduction and body contouring is objected towards effectual and safe removal of excess fat cells without surgery. It typically concentrates on the fat reduction treatment of:

  • Abdomen, (pot belly, midriff)
  • Flanks (love handles)
  • Saddle bags (inner and outer thighs) and

Key Benefits of UltraShape Power— Well-worth the Money of a Worthy Body

Major selling points for UltraShape patient’s body contouring in the making includes:

  • Selective Fat Destruction: by reason of UltraShape precisely and selectively targeting fat cells keeping blood vessels, nerves & encompassing tissue remain greatly unaffected.
  • No Severe Side Effects: UltraShape reportedly has NO instance of severe contouring deformities such as shelving, lumping, or others. Instantaneous reactions documented in a clinical experiment attributed to mild and short-lived responses, and completely resolved without interference just within days.
  • No Pain & Downtime: It’s a move-in, move-out therapy that’s not only virtually painless but allows patients to return to routine activities (even driving back) immediately after. A recent clinical study reported the average pain level to be <1 on a 10-pt. scale.
  • Comfort: Treatment through UltraShape Power pulsed ultrasound therapy is truly gentle and comfortable. In a recent clinical study, about 96% of receiver reported to have felt great calm and comfort during treatment.
  • Superior Cost-Effectiveness: compared to other non-invasive fat reduction/destruction technologies, UltraShape Power provides a competitive advantage of treatment cost that’s not only beneficial to patients protected from breaking their bank but leads to quicker return on investment for both entities. For say, treatment costs is typically 25-30% lower for full abdomen coverage when compared with the outcome of other inch loss treatments.
  • Best alternate to Lipo: With UltraShape Power’s expanded efficiency, it acts as a magic wand for patients with BMI >28. Which means the liposuction candidates can now be given a pain-free non-invasive alternative.
  • Faster treatments and Results: UltraShape Power’s Mode not only reduces treatment time, shorten sessions fast but a complete UltraShape procedure is only inclusive of 3 sessions, spaced 15days apart. On an average the treatment only takes about 30 minutes per area.
  • Powerful Real result: The fat destruction results are not only fast but formidably first-class too. To say, reduction in average abdominal circumference can cut back—2.5 to 2.7 cm.

How does UltraShape work? Remarkably to reduce targeted Fat

Know your step-by-step procedure to already prep yourself for a calm and comfortable session.

The UltraShape fat reduction treatment starts with the doctor marking the area or target zone to be treated using a pen and syncing it into the digital tracking system with colored markers placed around the area.

The doctor then moves the hand-held instrument (known as transducer) that transforms electrical energy into ultrasound energy) over the targeted area, submitting short pulses of focused ultrasonic energy selectively and precisely into the subcutaneous fat.

The membranes of the fat cells are fragmented with each pulse without having to harm the connective tissue, blood vessels, or nerves.

Even the overlaying skin remains undamaged. With repeating the process, the instrument succeeds in shattering a layer of fatty tissue beneath the skin.

You need not to worry thinking about your internal system as our expert keeps monitoring the placement of the transducer as machine displays the body areas that are already treated (on a micro level) and signals areas to be treated on a video camera.

An average UltraShape session takes about 30 minutes for one large area, though the treatment time can extend up to 1 to 1½ hours (depending on the area to be treated) and subsequently after you are able to return to your routine tasks.

So what happens to the targeted fat? Does the fat reproduce after UltraShape?

As already mentioned, when treated by UltraShape, the fat cells membranes are suspended and fat cell content (called as triglycerides), is scattered into the fluid between the cells and then supplied to the liver through veins and lymphatic systems.

And once entered in the liver, there is no differentiation between fat arising from the UltraShape treatment and fat developing from food intake. Both type of fat origination are ejected out from the liver through body’s natural mechanisms.

The fat cells put to stress by UltraShape do not re-grow as they are already dead and out from the body. Though, if you do not follow a healthy diet and lifestyle you may start to develop fat from the sizably increasing cells naturally present in the body.

Do UltraShape have any serious side effects? Proven Safe

Side effects & risks of FDA cleared UltraShape are only mild and minimal. Till date, there are just a few side effects recorded that are not only lenient but transient. Some mild swelling and reddening may be observed for a brief time post-procedure.

Another possible but rare side effect is occurrence of blister in the treated area, which should naturally subside in 1 – 2 days.

Bruising from UltraShape body contouring treatment is considered quite rare and if it appears will be very mild.

One of the safest non-surgical fat removal treatments has shown to be out of harm’s way in extensive clinical trials. Millions of procedure using UltraShape methodology has been conducted worldwide and CareWell has performed hundreds of UltraShape treatments in a short span with promising results in no time.

Is UltraShape permanent?

The fat cells that undergo UltrShape therapy are destroyed. That said, though the treated cells cannot reproduce but the other adjoining fat cells can expand in size, so--for optimal results--it is crucial to maintain a balanced lifestyle with diet and exercise to avoid future weight gain.

Does UltraShape tighten skin?

UltraShape is though a highly effective—fat-reduction, inch loss technique—that results in body contorting. However, it certainly depends on your unique fat and skin configuration.

The fact is UltrShape accounts to immediately devastating the fat using ultrasound energy. Therefore, if you already have loose skin or that you have great amount of fat that after vaporization leads to saggy skin, then UltraShape won’t tighten it.

However, removal of fat will make your skin look firmer and tauter. If your skin is young enough and have considerable amount of collagen then it will organically adjusts to the loss of volume with UltraShape and look better and tighter.

Our experts can very well examine if UltraShape is an ideal choice for you, or if you require co-therapy with skin-tightening, such as a HIFU or radio frequency.

CareWell professionals commonly combine UltraShape treatments with leading Radio Frequency in order to simultaneously desolate fat and tighten the skin.

Best Candidate for UltraShape? UltraShape right for you if:

Ultrashape is an ideal choice for people who seek to drop off the fat deposits that pursue to perpetually straggle around.

Ultrashape is best suited for men and women:

  • With stubborn fat pockets or genetically obtained problem areas
  • Wanting to tone up the difficult to target body areas where exercise or diet alone fails to shed off all of the excess weight
  • Improving body shape and contouring with people of average to overweight
  • Looking for a non-surgical treatment option for fat removal and body shaping

UltraShape is Not Recommended For:

  • Nursing or pregnant Women
  • People who have undergone major weight loss
  • Have tattoos on areas to be treated or moles present on the skin

UltraShape is also not for those suffering from the following conditions:

  • Scarring, warts or skin disorders in the area to be treated
  • Liver or pancreatic conditions
  • Heart or cardiac disease
  • Haemophilia (blood coagulation condition)
  • High cholesterol
  • HIV positive
  • Those installed with a pacemaker
  • Those on anticoagulant drugs
  • Those revealed to pesticides or herbicides

Cryolipolysis Vs UltraShape

Though, both of UltraShape Power and popular fat freezing or better known as Cryolipolysis methodology are non-surgical fat reduction treatments that deliver the results of improved body toning and shape.

Howbeit, the two treatments do have substantial differentiations which you need to learn before deciding to plunge into one.

Unlike other fat-removal treatments, UltraShape does not freeze or heat fat cells to clear of the fat.

A comparison worthwhile of the two treatments is documented here and can be acquired to make your best choice.

UltraShape vs. Cryolipolysis: Which is right and better for you?

UltraShape Power and dominant fat freezing technology like Cryolipolysis & fat destruction laser technology are all Food & Drug Administration (USA) & Health Canada cleared treatments for non-invasive fat removal to outcome in body contouring.

  • Mechanism: While the popularly performing fat freezing technology works by the mechanism of controlled freezing fat cells, UltraShape Power utilize focused, pulsed ultrasound energy for precise fat-cell removal. Another prominent fat destruction laser works by heating fat cells instead of freezing them and all these treatments works to rupture the fall cell membranes for them to die but in a different mechanism.
  • Efficiency: With the leading fat freezing Cryolipolysis, the mulish deposits of fat can almost be impossible to remove for people with a BMI>25 whereas the ultrasound focused UltrShape works ideally best for people with BMI >28.
  • Best For: leading fat destruction ultrasound energy UltraShape Targets areas including abdominal, flanks and thighs. Whereas, fat freezing Cryolipolysis Targets areas including abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, underneath the buttocks, upper arms, under the chin.
  • Safety Profile: UltraShape got FDA approval for non-invasive fat removal treatment in 2014, while Cryolipolysis got FDA approved in 2012, non-invasive
  • Risk Factors: UltraShape essentially has little to no side effects or inconvenience associated and gentle on the skin as well shows no visible signs of treatment. Possible but not common side effects include minor swelling, redness, or tenderness. On the other hand, Cryolipolysis can lead to reddened, swollen or bruised skin with slight pain post treatment that though fades in few days.
  • Cost: the average cost of UltraShape is comparatively higher than Cryolipolysis but if compared in terms of the outcome, the difference is not much.
  • Results: with UltraShape, you get noticeable, measurable outcomes as early as 15days. Opposing to this, Cryolipolysis takes about a month to 3 months or more for the desirable results to spur up.

Results with UltraShape

The results can be seen steadily stirring up over a number of weeks, up to a month, as your body clears off the fatty buildup.

An UltraShape device manufacturer asserts average circumference loss of 2cm in one area after a single session and CareWell clients has witnessed even greater inch loss with UltraShape only after one treatment and gets even better at completion of entire procedure.

How soon can you expect to see results?

Many patients reported seeing outcomes as soon as in 15days after their first session, but you should expect to observe ideal results after a series of 3 treatments, on an interval of 2 weeks apart.

That said, As Care Well is treating clients with cryolipolysis since 2014 with which we found that UltraShape gives promising & extended results after Cryolipolysis.

With Cryolipolysis we guarantee a cut-off up to 3 inches in 3 months but if UltraShape is applied after cryo sessions than the inches lost can be up to 5 inches within same time period or lesser.

What should I eat after the procedure? Don’t Starve, instead Supplement with Good Food

UltraShape, a non-surgical inch loss treatment, is emerging to be nonpareil for people who practice a healthy diet and exercise regime, but just can't seem to get liberated of adamant fat.

To maintain the results of UltraShape neither do you have to go under a crash diet nor have to starve yourself of your craved food. Just you have to eat right & healthy that not only crucial to maintain a healthy weight but a fit body at core that would be unexposed to any diseases or disorders.

During your UltraShape treatment course, we advise that you practice a healthy diet plan to nourish your body with required nutrients and energy for the body. Following a suggested diet/workout/lifestyle will ensure that your body optimally processes fat cells to realize best results possible.

Practice the given tips to get the most optimal outcomes possible from your UltraShape treatment.

Diet Tips to Maximize UltraShape Results

LIMIT (THE WRONG) Liquid Refreshments

Skip Pop/Soda-Stave off sugar

Packed with sugar, soda or fizzy drinks will make your newly killed fat cells to cling upon when they are in process of ejecting out of your body and accumulate again elsewhere.

Avoid Alcohol-cut-back on calorie count

Loaded in sugar and caffeine, these beverages not only render up to 7 calories/gram without providing any nutrients along with it, but also lead to distorted sleeping patterns and thus weight gain.

If you can’t get away without alcohol, then Dry red wine is the alternate since it’s amongst the lowest in sugar content of most alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol and sugar are among things that our bodies favor the least, particularly when it’s attempting to repair itself after a significant loss of volume.

There can come a departure phase, particularly from sugar caffeine, but when you pass it over, you’ll see that you own extra energy and you’ll feel much lively and actively energetic.

By restricting the consumption of these things, you can avoid putting on weight in the area that you just melted via UltraShape.

Bottom down (THE RIGHT) beverage

Drink Water- stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is crucial to keep a healthy body, but it’s particularly essential before and after your UltraShape treatments.

After each UltraShape treatment, you’ll would need to facilitate your body, metabolize and clear off free fat cells from your body. Thus, drink at least 2 liters of water every day. It’s a well known fact that consumption of adequate water contributes and expedites to fat ejection metabolic pathways.

Consuming sufficient water reduces hunger, promotes oxygen/blood circulation and increases metabolism— all leading to healthy body and skin.

Go green with green veggies

Add leafy Vegetables- add body nourishing nutrients

Supplementing your body with ample of leafy green vegetables with your meals, works your way out to add up all healthy fibers, beta kerotenes and proteins in your internal system that further helps for better digestion, lymphatic system and thus fat clearance.

Green Veggies are loaded in fibers, which are great to amplify essential proteins and help restrict extra calorie consumption. You can opt to have steamed vegetables as they are best to retain all nutrients and vitamins during the cooking process.

Pull Pasta, Pizza OUT your platter

No to junk- Crack off Gunk

Avoid pizza, pasta, burger, French bread, white bread, chips or anything that contains gluten or refined carbs. Instead, swap to whole grain versions of these foods that are scientifically proven to facilitate fat loss.

Fleet off high fat foods

Avoid High Fat Foods- Set Aside Stomach of Hunger Pangs

After your UltraShape sessions are completed, your liver will necessitate metabolizing the extra body fat that was freed up during your UltraShape Treatment. It takes a few days for your liver to process extra fat, so while that is occurring; your body is still into operating out about what to do with the extra energy.

Based on the degree of your activity, other fat cells in your body could expand and become larger. Thus, when your 3 UltraShape sessions have been taking place, try to avoid foods high in fat or sugar & become friends with organically healthy foods, like nuts, lentils, whole grains, fish and avocados.

Skip sweets and sugary snacks

Desserts and Sugary snacks are loaded in humongous sugar which converts into fat when processed by your body. Hence, during the time your UltraShape sessions have been taking place, try to avoid foods high in sugar.

Select the right meat

Switch to white meat instead of red meat, such as turkey, fish, and chicken. These meats enable efficient use of oxygen and are usually lower in fat content. During the course of your UltraShape treatments, it will allow the fat cells in easy withdrawal from your body.

Clench on to calcium

Foods rich in Calcium- such as milk, fox nuts or low-fat yogurt can yield decreasing the amount of fat absorbed from food. After you are completed with your Ultrashape, stocking up to calcium loaded foods will not allow your body to deposit fat cells.

Do not starve or skip meals

Skipping meals may decelerate your body’s metabolism acquired during UltraShape treatment which may further affect the rate at which the fat is flushed off from the treatment.

Stay away from ready-made meals

Remember to stick to freshly cook or processed Meals/Foods. Ready-made meals comprises of a lot of artificial ingredients, coloring agents, flavors, saturated fat, and added salt—all contributing to fat absorption.

Will exercise help after UltraShape?

This shouldn’t leave you open-mouthed, there surely aren’t many fat removal techniques, treatment plans or even weight loss programs for that matter that do not include exercise.

Fat removal by Ultra Shape isn’t an evasion for not exercising. Even nominal tasks like walking around the block, doing household chores, light grooving and playing sports will be enough to keep the fat from depositing in your body.

You need not necessarily go to gym and sweat it out, in fact after UltraShape it’s your liking if to hit to the gym or not, else is not necessary.

Give your metabolism a boost

Apart from workout, you can spend good time meditating where you ask ‘what version of yourself needs to emerge to get to the next level’ – to have room for goodness, to connect to a higher version of yourself rather than deplete your energy.

With the spurring up of happy hormones and blood circulation, you will notice remarkable positive attitude towards maintaining your outcome.

Get your lymphatic system a trigger

During initial 15 days and a couple of days after your UltraShape treatment, it’s crucial your body, flush out the fat and your lymph nodes are a part of it.

Light exercising as well as stretching regularly; getting a body massage or intake of essential oils can help improve the results.

Final thoughts

While getting UltraShape will have you the body you dreamt of.

As luck would have it you have come to a place where no matter what triggered you, you now know and believed this...

  • You are enough
  • You were born enough
  • You have always been enough
  • You always will be enough
  • Even if you stop accomplishing things, you will still be enough
  • We are not alone

If you struggle with this, our expert @ Care Well Laser & Skin Clinic is here to talk – whenever, wherever, forever!