ECP also known as Natural Bypass Treatment is an alternative to Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty and is completely a non-invasive treatment. No cut, no pain & no hospitalization. ECP is really very effective in people suffering from CAD, CHD or Angina Pain. ECP is a old therapy and is U.S. FDA approved. Care Well Medical Centre is a EECP/ECP treatment center in delhi.


  • It is a non-invasive treatment to treat Heart Disease like CAD, CHD or Angina Pain
  • ECP can be performed even after the Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery
  • Patients recommended for heart surgery even first time or may be second time like bypass surgery or angioplasty can opt for this treatment
  • You can easily get the benefits diagnosed after the completion of ECP/EECP treatment

Benefits of ECP

  • No Cut
  • No Pain
  • No Scar
  • No Hospitalization
  • OPD Based Treatment

Enhanced External Counterpulsation Therapy (EECP) commonly known as ECP (External Counterpulsation Therapy) is a non invasive, safe, economical & proven technique. ECP delivers great clinical benefits to patients suffering from CAD, CHD, Angina and do not want to go for bypass surgery. EECP therapy in Delhi is carried out by an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, at a separate facility/clinic in South Delhi, CR Park.

Research was done in 1950s at Harvard & therapy quickly got popular among Doctors due to the positive outcome of ECP. ECP in approved by FDA for the treatment of Angina & CAD. The benefits of External Counterpulsation Therapyare proven by over 190 clinical studies in credible US physician review publications.

Concept of External Counterpulsation Therapy (ECP)

In simple words the concept is to create the environment for heart similar to physical exercise while keeping the heart and body at rest. When the body is involved into physical exercise the heart beat increases to pump more blood to the body as demand increases for oxygenated blood. Heart has to use it's muscles to the optimum level to fulfill the increasing demand of oxygenated blood.

Now, when the person grows older the physical activity reduces to the minimum and so heart muscles start becoming weak over time and the stage arrives where the heart may not be in position to cope with the stress put on it in the form of physical activity. This process can also be compared with the benefits of intense (and consistent) exercise for a period of 2 months.

External Counterpulsation Therapy (ECP)creates the environment similar to physical stress for the heart, augmenting body's natural circulatory process while keeping it at rest. The outcome is that over time with ECP sessions, heart muscles become strong enough to cope up with the stress. The increased supply of oxygenated blood improves the functionality of the heart muscles deprived of blood due to inactivity. Not only heart but the oxygenated blood is supplied to whole body & every vital organ during small sessions where blockages may exist, for instance, the arteries leading to your lungs, kidneys, liver, brain, and to those in your outer extremities. This mechanical force of increasing oxygenated blood flow has documented proven improvement in patients with diabetes, vascular erectile dysfunction, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, peripheral vascular disease, movement disorders, kidney dysfunction, memory loss, stroke, diabetic retinopathy and dementia that is vascular in origin.

How it works

First of all you have to be aware of few terms that are mentioned below:

Diastole: is the period of time when the heart refills with blood after systole (contraction)

Systole: is understood as a force that drives blood out of the heart with contraction

Afterload: is the end load against which the heart contracts to eject blood

Preload: is the end diastolic pressure that stretches the right or left ventricle of the heart to its greatest geometric dimensions (heart is in complete shape when filled with blood)

Three pneumatic cuffs are tied (cuffs are similar to blood-pressure cuffs) to the patient undergoing this non-surgical therapy on each of his/her leg (on the calves, the lower thighs, and the upper thighs/buttock) which are connected to telemetry monitors that monitor heart rate and rhythm.

The cuffs are timed to inflate and deflate based on the individual's heart beat. The cuffs should ideally inflate at the beginning of diastole when the heart is pumping in the blood and deflate at the beginning of systole when heart is contracting to pump the blood to whole body. During the inflation portion of the cycle, the calf cuffs inflate first, then the lower thigh cuffs and finally the upper thigh cuffs. All the time, pressure monitor controls the inflation. Continuing this process gradually increases the cardiac output.

ECP therapy, normally have 35 sessions where each session is of 1 hour. External Counterpulsation Therapy restores pathways for adequate & necessary blood flow back to heart through vessels that already exist.


ECP is a proven therapy and virtually any one can go for this easy to tolerate treatment and can observe the significant benefits after completing the full course. External Counterpulsation Therapy has shown impressive improvement in health of patients by restoring the oxygenated blood to all parts of body. After ECP heart perform more efficiently and overtime improves the mechanical operation of the heart delivering more cardiac output with less effort resulting in a more efficient vascular system.

With the help of ECP many patients have avoided bypass surgery and leading a healthy and active life.