Get your confidence back. We encourage you to educate yourself regarding labia reduction or labia plastic surgery in Delhi, India. Know more about the benefits from the right kind of vaginal surgery and then make an informed decision. Care Well Medical Centre invites you for a free consultation with Dr. Sandeep Bhasin; one of the best Cometic Surgeon in Delhi, India and assures you hassle free arrangements for examinations, procedures and recovery.

All about Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty Surgery also referred labia reduction surgery is basically a medical intervention that focuses on the correcting or resizing the labias in females. This surgical procedure is actually performed to address the problems in females whose labias are asymmetric or too large and causing sexual discomfort and horrible aesthetic aspect.

Women experiencing discomfort, having birth defects or their labia is damaged due to multiple natural childbirth or sexual activity may opt for Labiaplasty Surgery to feel physically relief to have labia made over. Labiaplasty Surgery is very helpful for such women and it also reduces the chance of having vaginal infections. In terms of aesthetic look, the surgical procedure offered at Care Well Medical Center provides the patients a sense of symmetry which is the symbol of beauty in today's generation. In this surgical procedure scarring is very minimal which may alleviate easily after few days of surgery.

An experience of a Girl after Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty Surgery at Care Well

Major Surgeries are

  • Veginal Lips: Labia Minora and Labia Majora Deformaties
    • Labia Minora (Enlarged Labia Minora)
    • Labia Mijora (Outer or Bigger VaginaL Lips)

Majority of women who have undergone this surgical procedure at Care Well Medical Center are thrilled and delighted with the end results. They are completely pleased with their new and more aesthetically desirable look after Labiaplasty surgery which is done by the specialist in the field. All the cosmetic procedures are carried under the supervision of Dr. Bhasin. The Labiaplasty Surgery conducted under Dr. Bhasin at Care Well Medical Center allows the patients to feel more confident, sexually active and comfortable post surgery.

It has been reported that many cases of privacy issues are remedied with this surgical procedure at Care Well Medical Center. Patients have registered tremendous change in their sexual life after the sugary. Most of the intimate genital defect can be solved with Labiaplasty.

Normal Appearance

Asymmetrical Labia Minora with one side larger than the other

Both sides are large in Labia Minora

Why Labiaplasty Surgery is Recommended?

The demand of Labiaplasty Surgery in Delhi is rapidly increasing amongst the females who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their intimate areas. Defects in the shape of the labia are the prime reason why most of the patients undergo Labiaplasty in Delhi today. The consequences of enlarged labia can be anything from sexual dysfunctions to pain and sexual inhibition.

Women who experience uneasiness with the size of the labia during exercising sessions or while having sex considering undergoing Labiaplasty Surgery. Women who are not satisfied with the unappealing look of the labia and feel embarrassed or self-conscious also consider this surgical procedure. Whatever is the reason, Labiaplasty is the ultimate alternative for those females who want to change the way their labia look.

Today, most of the females consider Labiaplasty surgery as the best labia reduction procedure, especially when they feel that their labia is not appealing anymore and hindering them to wear their desired attires. In most of the cases Labiaplasty is performed for cosmetic reasons or as a vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Females who feel discomfort or irritated due to large labia may undergo this surgical procedure at Care Well Medical Center to resolve the symptoms.

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Best Packages available for Labiaplasty Surgery.

Benefits of Labiaplasty surgery

There are several advantages associated with Labiaplasty surgery and many women who have undergone this surgical procedure have reported significant improvement in the quality of their sexual life. Women with enlarged labia that cause discomfort and irritation while wearing undergarments can be solved with this advanced surgical procedure.

Enlarged labia can be irritating for women, especially wearing tight or skinny fit clothes and this may lead to vaginal yeast infections. So, it can be addressed with the use of Labiaplasty surgery. Many women who have undergone Labiaplasty surgery in Delhi at Care Well Medical Center have reported increase self esteem and self confidence.

Labiaplasty surgery is the only possible way available today that can enhance the look and shape of female vulva. The recovery time of this surgical procedure is very short and women can resume to their daily routine within three weeks.

Consultation with Doctor before Labiaplasty Surgery

With a consultation with surgeon you can educate yourself about the Labiaplasty Surgery, the risk involved, the benefits and the results of the procedure. This will help you to make wise and informative decision. You can consult with your surgeon and express your expectations so that the surgeon can design the procedure accordingly to help you achieve your goal.

How Labiaplasty Surgery is Performed?

Labiaplasty Surgery is actually performed under local anesthesia and to complete the procedure it takes around 1-2 hours. The patients are required to stay overnight at the hospital facility for better recovery and observation. The surgical procedure is conducted to cut down the labia to its normal size and all excessive fat from the genital region is removed to create a natural line. In the trim Labiaplasty Surgery the surgeon clamp and remove the excessive labia tissue and both the sides are sutured. The surgeon makes incisions to shape the labia and make it v shaped. Depending upon the need of the patients, the surgeon can reduce the size of labias from single and both sides and make it appear symmetrical in size. During the procedure the dark pigmentation edges is also removed so as to give it a pinkish and youthful look.

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Best Packages available for Labiaplasty Surgery.

After Care

Since it is a one day surgery, most of the patients are asked to go back home within 2 hours of Labiaplasty Surgery. The patients are asked to visit the clinic next day for post operative checkup by the surgeon.

The surgeon prescribes anti-inflammatory and analgesics medications to alleviate the pain. The patients are allowed to continue with their daily activities right from the next day of the surgery and resume to work within one week. However, complete recovery takes 7-8 weeks depending upon the individual healing process. You may ask any questions to the surgeon regarding the surgery when you come for regular checkups. After 8-10 weeks you can again have sexual intercourse regularly and the sensation will improved due to the new nerve endings and removal of excessive tissues.