Lipo Freeze is an innovative treatment for reducing excess fat from the most common body parts such as flanks (love handles), back, abdominal fat, arms and legs. The treatment process involves a controlled cooling technology which destroys targeted layers of fat cells in the body, thereby eliminating bulges of unwanted fat from the specific regions. Owing to its effectiveness, the treatment grew dramatically popular in the last two years and currently it has gained widespread recognition especially among men. Today, it is practiced worldwide and is recommended by specialists for those who wish to get rid of their excess flab.

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How does Lipo Freeze work?

In this method, the surgeons place a gel pad along with a specialized applicator in the targeted area. This helps in delivering cooling effect to the fat cells lying in the targeted skin zone. The process called Cryolipolysis takes place and cools the fat cells as well as fuels the natural movement of these cells. The fat then gets metabolized by the patient's body. After few weeks, the frozen areas start reducing, with loss of fat. The treatment is done by using modern ultrasound devices. Therefore, there is lesser risk of skin injury and blood levels of fats remain constant.

How long does it take for the treatment?

Time taken for the treatment depends on the areas to be treated. It can take anything between one to several hours. The treatment specialists inform the patients about the tentative time. If there are prolonged hours, it can be segregated into days. Patients also have the choice of scheduling the complete treatment in just one sitting.

What are the benefits of Lipo Freeze?

Being of modern origin, the fat-reducing treatment has the following benefits:

  • Firstly, it is a painless, non-invasive and simple procedure.
  • There are no pain medication and aesthetical requirements for this treatment. Patients either experience no pain or have minimal discomfort, which fades with time.
  • During the treatment, patients can relax their mind, can watch movies, talk over phone, listen to music or take a peaceful nap. Overall, they are awake and can feel the treatment.
  • There are centres that provide additional comfort and amenities like pillow, food and drinks.
  • It is regarded as the safest procedure; however must be performed under qualified laser and skin technician.
  • The cooling technology only affects the fat cells, without affecting nearby cells and tissues in neighborhood skin.
  • Finally, the treatment is free of any complications, skin infections, side-effects or the need for anesthesia.

How long is the recovery time?

There is no recovery time for the treatment and patients can soon resume their normal activities and daily life, after the completion of the entire process. Post-Lipo Freeze, they can exercise, go to office and engage in social life. As for some, there might be bruises which can last from two days to two weeks. In rare cases, patients suffer from itching, soreness, tenderness, cramping and tingling. Patients can also have dull sensation in the treated areas, which however lasts up to eight weeks. In most patients, no side effects are spotted. For a smaller percentage of candidates, there can be mild side effects, which never last longer than a week. Sun exposure is not restricted after the procedure. For best care and prevention, patients are advised to apply sun-screens all the times.

Who is the right candidate for Lipo Freeze?

The right candidate for the treatment must be physically healthy and fit with fatty areas that have not effectively responded to exercising/dieting disciplines. Those who consider it as a substitute for weight loss or liposuction are not the right ones for the treatment. Obese people must also not turn up, since the method does not address obesity.

How soon the results are be seen?

On an average, the results are generally seen within eight to twelve weeks, after the process. However, this varies according to body's metabolism and capacity to withstand such medical treatments.

How long do the effects of Lipo Freeze last?

Lipo Freeze is a permanent solution for unwanted fat within the body. The fat cells neither reproduce nor expand in size. Therefore, once lipo freeze has been done; fat cells don't reappear until healthy eating habits, exercises and lifestyle are maintained.

Is it required to undergo more than one treatment?

After completion of the treatment, patients analyze the effects of the first treatment and speak to their laser/skin specialist to know if they can benefit from further sessions. For improved results, some patients also opt for multiple procedures within a year.

Important Facts about Lipo Freeze:

  • 2010 and 2012 has witnessed 823% more treatment cycles, with a growing demand globally.
  • New mothers willing to opt for Lipo Freeze must wait for 8 weeks after delivery. Before opting for this treatment, they must also speak to their gynecologist and ensure if their health is liable to permit the treatment.
  • The fat that is lost through this treatment gradually metabolizes and painlessly gets released in the form of urine.
  • Lipo Freeze is not a weight-loss procedure. It mainly targets fat reduction, which indirectly contributes to weight loss. However, it is not a direct alternative to weight loss.

To sum up, lipo freeze has proven good results for treating flabby regions in the body. At present, there are various units that undergo this process. Before selecting a unit and specialist, patients must do good research and consult them in order to have a clear idea about their expectations.

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