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With so many options out there for fat reduction, it can be difficult to figure which procedure may be best for you. In order to get you in the right direction, while optimizing your budget and time, let's start by considering 2 most popular ways of fat reduction and body contouring procedures i.e., CoolSlimming and Liposuction. You will also learn about the point of differences in the 2 procedures and which is Right for You.

Liposuction and CoolSlimming are two very dissimilar medical procedures that are created to reduce stubborn fatty deposits which are resistant to other fat and weight reduction alternatives. So with both procedures producing somewhat the same wanted result in the end, how are you to analyze which is best for you or decide which one to opt? Let us break down the differences between the two so that you can make your best decision.

Liposuction versus CoolSlimming: Which is Right for You?

Procedure and how it works

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves slitting, stitching, and sedating. It is performed using general anesthesia or local anesthesia (such as lidocaine). The type of anesthesia you will be administered would depend on the area and the amount of fat that needs to be removed. Usually, the more areas to be treated, the more general full anesthesia you will need. The doctor makes incisions to perform liposuction using a suction tool called a -cannula to empty out fat out of a particular area of your body. The incisions made are small, less than 1/4th inch, so there is not much scarring.

As opposed to liposuction, CoolSlimming is a non-surgical procedure, non-invasive procedure that doesn't require cutting or even anesthesia at all. The CoolSlimming mechanism involves a ONE-TIME-USE gel pad that is put over the treatment area. By placing a cooling head over the gel pad the suction is activated. The CoolSlimming system pulls the fatty area into the cooling head, thereby, freezing the fat. After an hour or two, for a non-suction treatment type, the head is removed and the frozen area is massaged.

Side effects: Comparing the side effects

Liposuction side effects

Liposuction is much riskier than CoolSlimming since it is a surgical procedure. Side effects may include:

  • Deformity in skin shape such as outgrowth, lumps or pits
  • Discoloration in treated skin
  • Skin infection or irriation
  • Build up of fluid that may require to be evacuate
  • Temporary or permanent numbness
  • Internal puncture lesions
  • Heart or kidney related problems caused by alteration in levels of body fluid during the procedure
  • Anesthesia related complications
  • Fat embolism, a clinical emergency that disperse a clot of fat into your bloodstream, brain or lungs

CoolSlimming side effects

CoolSlimming comes with no surgical risks because it is a nonsurgical procedure. However, the procedure does have some side effects but not severe to consider. These include:

  • A tugging sensation or stinging at the treatment site
  • Skin sensitivity, swelling, bruising, ache, pain or redness (temporary for few days)
  • Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, a condition that causes fat cells to exponentially increase instead of eliminated as an outcome of treatment, and is more prevalent in men than women

Pros & Cons of Treatment

Pros of Liposuction

  • Liposuction is a more powerful treatment out of the two, enabling more amount of fat to be eliminated in a single session.
  • The combination of liposuction with an excisional procedure (like tummy tuck with liposuction) is a more aggressive procedure and can deliver exceptional results.
  • Liposuction is more preferable and suitable for patient who are looking to add volume to a specific area and they want to do so with their own fat.
  • Liposuction can be as fat transplantation, meaning to transfer fat to another site.
  • Liposuction is often suitable when there are many body areas to be treated, as the fat from all areas can be removed all at one time, rather than over repeated sessions
  • Patients who are planning for other surgical cosmetic procedures may be better candidates for liposuction than CoolSlimming since they would already be under sedation (anesthesia)

Cons of Liposuction

  • Being a surgical procedure, it is accompanied with severe side effects and skin issues.
  • Removing a high volume of fluid from the body through Liposuction can cause complications like Low BP and fluid shifts into the lungs that can compromise breathing.
  • Not recommended for people with serious heart, cardiac or blood pressure (BP) issues.

Pros of CoolSlimming

  • CoolSlimmingis a medical procedure that helps eliminate extra fat cells from beneath your skin without any surgery. CoolSlimming just do not even comes in contact with your upper dermis therefore causing no harmful effects. It is also known as Cryolipolysis.
  • During a CoolSlimming procedure, a roll of fat is cooled and clamped down to freezing temperature. It does not heat up the tissues to melt your fat that can sometimes be very concerning.
  • Your body naturally removes the frozen, dead fat cells out through your liver after a few weeks. You experience the shape change and contour in your body without undergoing harsh and aggressive surgical methods.
  • CoolSlimming being a nonsurgical procedure involves no cutting, stitching or downtime which allows patients to return to normal just after.
  • CoolSculpt can little improve the appearance of cellulite or loose skin which Liposuction simply cannot.

Cons of CoolSlimming

  • CoolSlimming removes less fat amount per treatment. It needs to undergo several sessions of CoolSlimming by patients to receive their optimal result. One session of CoolSlimming takes about an hour.

Who makes a Good Candidate


Someone physically and psychologically healthy and fit with uneven contours due to fat pockets that are diet and exercise resistant will make for a good LIPO candidate. People with blood clotting disorders and pregnant women should avoid liposuction.


CoolSlimming is safe for most people and someone close to their ideal body weight who has small areas of mulish fat deposits like belly fat, lower belly bulge, love handles, arms or back fat that won't respond to diet and exercise. However, those who have cold agglutinin disease or paroxysmal cold hemoglobulinuria should refrain from CoolSlimming because it could cause serious complications.

Non-working on

Liposuction is not for obesity, cellulite or loose skin nor will it take place or is an alternate of proper exercise and diet. While CoolSlimming, will not improve stretch marks.



Swelling and bruising after surgery at treatment site. Recovery time depends on the extent of your surgery.


No downtime! The treated area may feel sensitive and numb to touch after procedure that lasts for a few weeks – swelling and bruising are common. Patients can do light exercise after a few days.


The results of liposuction and CoolSlimming are very similar. Both procedures result in permanently removal of stubborn excess fat from body parts such as the belly, chin, thighs, and arms although none is deliberated for weight loss. Both are comparably effective when it comes to removing fat.

The amount of fat that can safely be removed by liposuction is less than 5 liters. Results will last as long as you keep up to a healthy lifestyle. It may take some months till the swelling subsides for evident outcome.

CoolSlimming can freeze and remove up to 25 % of the fat cells in any given area of a patient's body. CoolSculpt results in Exceptional improvement in body shape and contour with Noticeable, natural outcomes of fat reduction in just 6 to 8 weeks.

Can I go for CoolSlimming/Cryolipolysis instead of Liposuction

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for every procedure, so if you have a small fatty “roll” in your belly, hip rolls, and thighs or back that you wish to address in a budgeted and off recovery way, CoolSlimming is best for you. Larger and multiple areas for treatment may need additional treatments. You will start to notice results within 4-5 weeks and complete results will be seen around 4 months

Liposuction being a surgical procedure is costlier than CoolSlimming. Also if you are Okay with a larger, lump sum fee for a liposuction just to get rid of unwanted fat in one go then it is fine. Otherwise, if you are looking for a completely safe, non-invasive, and more comfortable to pay in smaller amounts –i.e.: CoolSlimming treatment then it is the best option available for you.

Well! For those who have excess of loose hefty skin, may actually need a Lipoabdominoplasty (tummy tucks).

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